Philosophies of Image and Imagination

(active from 2015)
Between actual and potential, concrete and abstract, material and virtual, the realm of images is essentially open to be said in many ways. In the manifold historical and terminological vicissitudes of their development, the concepts of image and imagination are characterized by an irreducibly middle position between different plans and an internal tendency to reference, relationship, connections with other agencies.

C. D. Friedrich, Abendstern (1830)

Group coordinator: Luigi Filieri (Università di Pisa)
Group supervision: Prof. Alfredo Ferrarin (Università di Pisa)

Professors and researchers who collaborate (or collaborated) with this research group:
Prof. Mario Caimi (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Prof. Wolfgang Carl (Universität Göttingen)
Dr. Ilaria D’Angelo
Prof. Maurizio Ferraris (Università di Torino)
Prof. Luca Fonnesu (Università di Pavia)
Prof. Elio Franzini (Università statale di Milano)
Prof. Gianluca Garelli (Università di Firenze)
Dr. Gabriele Gava (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main)
Prof. Alfonso Maurizio Iacono (Università di Pisa)
Prof. Roberta Lanfredini (Università di Firenze)
Prof. Claudio La Rocca (Università di Genova)
Prof. Luca Vanzago (Università di Pavia)

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