The quarrel between philosophy and poetry

A. De Chirico, La conquista del filosofo (1914)

(active from 2013)
Plato proscribed poetry from the city, but at the same time he mimetically put his philosophical arguments on stage by means of dialogues and myths. The relationship between philosophy and poetry, theory and artistic production has always been controversial ever since.

Our group assumes that an investigation on the quarrel that philosophy and poetry carried out over the centuries enables us to reflect upon the style of philosophy. Does the setting up of fictions, the recourse to myths and metaphors divert philosophy from its task, or rather help it to spread it over? If we consider philosophy as an attitude to adopt, as Ancients did, then we should see as necessary an investigation on the communicative style that could enable philosophy to involve anyone run across its questions.

Our group is quite heterogeneous: our researches are concerned with Leopardi, Vico, the Goethezeit, the Decadent movement. We are also interested into New Media Aesthetics. In spite of their different interests, all members share the idea that the widespread partition of human science into self-referential microcosms cannot help either exploring the common origin of each branches or aiming at fruitful intersections.

Group Coordinator: Dr. Marta Vero (Università di Pisa)
Group Supervisors: Prof. Leonardo Amoroso (Università di Pisa), Prof. Luca Crescenzi (Università di Trento), Prof. Antonietta Sanna (Università di Pisa).

G. De Chirico, L’incertezza del poeta (1913)

Professors and researches who collaborate with this research group:
Dr. Alessandra Aloisi (Warwick University)
Prof. Brenno Boccadoro (Université de Genève)
Prof. Fabio Camilletti (Warwick University)
Dr. Mario Farina (Università di Firenze)
Prof. Elio Franzini (Università Statale di Milano)
Prof. Felice Gambin (Università di Verona)
Prof. Gianluca Garelli (Università di Firenze)
Dr. Paolo Godani (Università di Macerata)
Prof. Yves Hersant (EHESS- École des hautes études en sciences sociales – Paris)
Prof. Alfonso Maurizio Iacono (Università di Pisa)
Prof. Giovanna Pinna (Università del Molise)
Prof. Antonio Prete (Università di Siena – Emerito)
Dr. Jelena Reinhardt (Università di Perugia)
Prof. Elena Polledri (Università di Udine)
Dr. Alberto L. Siani (Università di Pisa)
Prof. Claus Zittel (Universität Stuttgart)

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