Editors: Marta Vero and Lorenzo Serini

Submission deadline: 15th May 2015

Technology and new media are by now present everywhere.

Our daily life is not only populated but also completely ruled by digital devices. We constantly live a double life: one in the actual reality and another in a parallel virtual reality.   

For technology and new media are an integral part of our life to such an extent that we often take them for granted, it is, in our view, the task of philosophy to bring into question the nature and the consequences of this phenomenon. In particular, we are concerned with the status of the artistic experience of the new media subject and with the reflection on art that springs from the digitalization and the virtualization of our spaces. In other words, we invite to investigate whether and how the ‘newness’ of new media effectively changes the realms of sensibility and that of art, and to evaluate aesthetics in what we might call – recalling Walter Benjamin – the age of new media.


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